Saturday, March 27, 2010

How Much Guinness Can One Drink In a Week?

I may have the answer to that question. Let's see. My story starts on Saturday, March 13th. The day of the Atlantic City Saint Patrick's Day Parade. Sadly, there is a torrential downpour, hurricane force winds and flooding. The Parade is canceled. What to do? The keg of Guinness I have in my living room pub is at least 3/4 full, so naturally the answer is have a party!! At 2pm, the guests start to arrive. At 2:05pm, the Guinness is being poured in typical Irish fashion. At 9pm, the guests leave. I couldn't keep track of the pints poured, but let us just say there were many.

Wednesday night is St. Patrick's Day. It happens to be a work night. Oh, what the hell. I'll pour a couple of pints. Two glasses will never hurt me, after all, Guinness is supposed to be good for you!

Before I know it, it's Friday. My friends and I head to Philadelphia for Super Saturday weekend. Super Saturday is Six Nations Rugby day when all six teams play three games in one long day. We spend all of Saturday in an Irish Pub watching matches beamed via satellite from Europe to Philly, but not before we spend Friday night at Bard's Irish Pub drinking pint after pint of Guinness. A couple of different pubs later, we're back at Bard's finishing off the night. It's now 2am. That's a lot of Guinness. Before I know it, it is 8am and it is time to get ourselves up and head to Tir Na Nog Irish Pub for the rugby matches. Tough moving, but we rally. A full Irish breakfast will give you the kick in the rear you need to have that next pint.

Once again, time flies by and it is 5pm. I haven't seen the bright daylight let, just rugby. Bar tab closes in on $400.00 (6 guys). We pay up and head to McGillian's Ale House. I can definitely feel the day coming to an end. Not quite yet though, as I don't make it back to the apartment until 11pm. After an uneventful morning, I slowly make it home on Sunday afternoon. My wife says to me, "Do you want a pint of Guinness?" "No thank you honey, I think I have had enough for the week." She says, "Ok, but I am having one, I am really looking forward to it." She pulls on the tap, the tap sputters and spits. Keg is empty, wife is mad. How much Guinness can one drink in a week? A lot!

The Beers in Review

Rader Blonde Belgian Ale:
This 6.5% blonde ale had a very familiar aftertaste that I couldn't quite nail down. A peak on the bottle, revealed that the beer was brewed with gin. Interesting. Made a good appertif. Light, spritzy and full of flavor.

Hoffman Lager Beer (Helles): Another excellent beer from Climax Brewing in NJ. Brewer Dave Hoffman is so proud of his German lagers that he doesn't name them after Climax Brewing like he does with the rest of his beers, he names them after himself! He has done his German heritage proud with this Helles style lager. A light lager, this is an awesome drinking beer. Rhineheitsgebot!

Flying Fish Exit # 1: Flying Fish Brewery from Cherry Hill, NJ, hit the nail on the head with this oyster stout. Their Bayshore Oyster Stout reminded me of my time in Dublin, Ireland drinking oyster stout at the Porterhouse Pub. Flying Fish made their oyster stout just as smooth and silky as the Porterhouses! And at 7%, it even had a kick that Porterhouses didn't. Can I get this in a sixtel?