Saturday, December 12, 2009

Beer Trouble

What's up with me? I can't figure myself out. Maybe I should see a therapist. Is there a beer psychologist out there? Naturally, I enjoy beer. Maybe I enjoy beer too much. I fancy myself the connoisseur. All of the various beer styles appeal to me. Pairing beer with food is now a hobby of mine, as well as cooking with beer. I like to read about beer, write about beer and talk about beer. Here is my problem, I have draught beer in my home. Three taps going in the winter time and four in the summer. I switch beers by the season and also allow room for homebrew. I know what you are thinking, "What is the problem?" Well, here it is. I drink bottled beer. Not exclusively, as I partake in my taps on a regular basis. My point being, with up to four tap lines running in my home with various rotating styles of beer, why would I ever have to have a bottle of beer in my house?

The main selling point to my wife for having kegged beer in the house was that it would save money. I wouldn't have to buy all of those pesky, expensive bottles of beer anymore. But guess what? That's exactly what I am doing. I am such a beer geek, that, even with four different kegs in the house, I can not drink the same beer over and over again. I need help.

Beer In Review:

The Bad Elf Series

Bad Elf:
A winter golden ale with loads of hops. They add 3 pounds or so to the brew kettle. Oddly enough, the ale has a malty sweet smell, not hoppy. The initial taste is even sweet and then the follow through is all hop. Finishes warm. A good drinking ale for the winter months.

Very Bad Elf: This ale is brewed from an English recipe dating back to 1795. No question here which side of the scale this beer leans too. Malty all the way. Sweet aroma, sweet taste, warm finish. The Elf is becoming badder with each sip, clocking in at 7.5% abv.

Seriously Bad Elf: This English Double Ale is a hefty 9% abv. Extremely smooth, surprisingly light tasting, almost ESB ish. No mistake though, the alcohol will hit you. To quote my friends in Dublin, this beer is brilliant.

Criminally Bad Elf: Ahhh! A barleywine style ale for the holidays. This ale represents one of the reasons I look forward to the holiday season, a warm finishing ale to warm you up on a cold winter night. This Bad Elf version had a surprising twist to it. Very sweet and warm to start, but by the time the beer makes it to the back of your throat, a large hop wallop develops. Once you finish this 16.9 oz wonder, you'll know why the Elf went criminal.