Friday, July 28, 2006

Beer Intelligence

"When the beer is in the man, is the wisdom in the can."--- Old Dutch Proverb

Most people think that beer drinkers, when in the act of drinking beer, lose a degree of intelligence. I disagree. From personal experience, I have found that after one or two libations, my intelligence factor increases at least two or three fold. As a matter of fact, the more beer that I consume throughout the day or evening the smarter I think I become. Put a cigar in my mouth and not only will I also look more intelligent, but the confidence from looking more intelligent carries over into a further increase in my mental capacity.

How do I know this? Only an increase in intelligence would allow people to spend hours debating the merits of pretzels versus beer nuts. A greater mental capacity enables two people to play Juke Box Wars, where each person picks their 5 favorite songs, plays them and then decides whose was better. Politics? Religion? Spouses? Beer allows one to discuss these subjects with more flair than Tim Russert, Billy Graham and Dr. Phil. Not only does beer highlight mental prowess, but it also brings out empathy and compassion. After a heated discussion on the mechanics of warp drive and a debate on whether or not people can energize and transport between two locations, I watched two bar mates spend a half hour hugging and saying, "No, your right." "No, you are." " I love you man!"

As far as my increased beer intelligence goes, the American Journal of Epidemiology in 2004, published a study that said drinking alcohol, even in low amounts, might be associated with higher cognitive ability. I do not doubt the results of this study, as I stumbled upon it after a night of intelligent beer enhanced conversation. I came home after an evening at the pub and was doing a Google search for the latest American Idol results. Somehow my beer sharpened computer skills led me to the American Journal of Epidemiology. I doubt that would have happened if I was drinking water.

The Beers in Review

Hercules Double IPA: This incredibly strong (note the name) IPA had a beautiful hop smell. The beer, when swallowed gave off a multitude of hop tastes. It was very well blended. Brewed by the the Great David Brewing Co., If Hercules completed 12 labors, this was his 13th! One of the best Super IPA's out there. Found in a gas station in North Carolina, I have not been given word on where else to find this beauty.

Victory Hop Devil: This award winning IPA from Victory Brewing in Downingtown, Pa. has a very nice hop aroma, not overwhelming, even a slight, sweet, malty smell. A hoppy pungent first taste, that quickly becomes very drinkable. Hop Devil pushes the hop envelope, at the same time delivering a quality, well crafted IPA. Good stuff.

Magic Hat Batch 371: I found this concept very appealing. Brew a beer, give it a number, not a name, don't say what style it is, let your consumer try and figure it out. Batch 371 had a sweet, fruity smell. The first taste was very dry. 2nd taste was even dryer. The beer bears no resemblence to the aroma. My guess is a Belgium Ale. A lambic type beer, closer to a Geuze style.

Harviestoun Brewery, Bitter and Twisted: This Scottish Brewery brewed a clear, crisp bittered ale. Mild hop smell with a bitter hop taste. Very smooth. A crisp and sharp finish, right to the end of the bottle. Lightly carbonated for the classic Ale style.