Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Hangovers Hurt More Than They Used Too!

To paraphrase a line from an Old Hank Jr. song, is it just me, or do the hangovers hurt more than they used too? It's probably me. I seem to have always had a problem with hangovers. In a way, it is a mixed blessing. The thought of one is always present in the back of my mind, and that thought can sure curb ones enthusiasm for overdoing it, most of the time. In college, it seemed like you could do no wrong. Beers all night? No problem. It was a different story when other types of alcohol were thrown into the mix. Maybe that is why I never became a mixed drink drinker.

On the occasional night that enthusiasm could not be curbed, a mind splitting headache would be with me for most of the next day. The type of headache that makes a person swear off booze, forever. Or until the next week anyway. I remember a few times that my father would be down for a visit or at a party with some of my friends and the alcohol would be flowing. Pop would always wake up fresh as a daisy and never complain, while I was laid up wishing for death. I thought, "Man, it will be nice when I get older and these hangovers will stop." Yeah, right. I never did build up the antibodies for a hangover the way my father did. So, instead, I went on the search for the ultimate preventative hangover cures.

The weirdest thing I have noticed about myself, is if I go a few days, say Monday through Thursday, without drinking more than one beer a day, the first day that I have four or more beers, I get a wicked headache the following morning. But, then the next day, I am good to go and headaches are non-existent. The first day is like a vaccination of beer and the next day I am immune. Strange.

I have perfected a pre-beer drinking ritual that allows me to be semi- productive the next morning. I fill up a big glass of water before heading out and pop down a few vitamin B complex capsules along with a couple of fish oil capsules. Too much alcohol, naturally dehydrates the body, so a big glass of water helps to start the evening with a nice base. ( I will drink a couple of more glasses during the evening, depends on if the beers are flowing into me.) The vitamin B replaces the vitamin B that the alcohol takes out of your system and the fish oil is good for brain function. When I come home, I have another couple of glasses of water followed by more of the same vitamins. Next, a full tablespoon of pure honey is forced down my throat. The honey replaces the sugar that the alcohol takes from the brain. The honey trick is an old Vermont Folk Medicine for preventing hangovers. Mind you, I only do this when I know that I am going to be drinking over a long period of time, say at a Mark Haynie Beer Night, or a Michael Jackson tutored tasting. It works. The only issue is when you don't know you are going to be drinking more than you should. That is when you are caught with your pants down, so to speak. If I remember, I'll try to drink a lot of water before bed, but I usually don't, so I wake up with a bad headache and then I swear I'll never have another beer again. But, the next evening roles around and there is that bottle of Belgian Ale staring at me from the fridge!

The Beer

Smutty Nose Wheat Wine Ale: This beer poured a dark, cloudy, orange color and gave off a nice, sweet barley odor. The first taste was of definite Barleywine characteristics, but the after taste changed to a well balanced hoppy finish. I love a good barley wine. The Wheat Wine Ale is a barleywine / wheat beer hybrid. Very good. This should win some awards. Get it while you can, it will only be around for a little while longer. Brewed by Smutty Nose. ( This Just In: Wheat Wine won the Gold Medal at the Great American Beer Festival. I knew I could pick a winner! Congratulations!)

BarHarbor Blueberry Ale: This micro, brewed by Atlantic Brewing Co. , Bar Harbor, Maine poured a beautiful reddish color with a nice thin ale head. The smell gave off a hint of Blueberry touched with hops. Very nicely carbonated. The first taste was very slightly fruity, but nothing like a fruit beer. The Blueberry gave the ale a distinctive taste. You could pick up blueberry and hops with each swallow. Damn good beer. Very drinkable.

Allagash Curieux October 2004: I purchased a case of Curieux last year when my daughter was born. I saved a few bottles for her first birthday and I am saving a few more for her 21st and maybe even a wedding and a grandchild. I hope it will last that long because it is absolutely fabulous. Belgian Ale aged in Kentucky Oak Bourbon Barrels. 10% alcohol, it is one incredible beer. The October 2004 aged very well and the excellent tastes were even more pronounced than when I first purchased it. For your sake, I hope they brew a 2005 version. Stock up!

Tun Tavern Freedom Ale: One of the best Barley wines I have ever had. Awesome. This beer has won awards in the Barley wine category. Brewed at the Tun Tavern in Atlantic City, New Jersey, it is simply awesome. Thankfully, they only serve it in 10oz glasses. It is 11% alcohol!


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